sophieetcbijingangschoolOp zaterdag 12 september vertrokken ze: 22 leerlingen uit het derde leerjaar van het Cygnus samen met drie docenten naar Jihlava, een Tsjechische stad tussen pakweg Praag en Brno. Ze verbleven daar een week voor een uitwisselingsproject met leerlingen van het Gymnázium Jihlava.

Op het programma stond onder meer: een bezoek aan Praag, laboratorium-projecten voor de vakken biologie en scheikunde, geologisch onderzoek in de regio en een "cruise on underground river".

Iedere Cygnus-leerling werd gekoppeld aan een gymnasiast uit Jihlava. Accommodatie was bij die leerlingen thuis. In april 2016 komt een groep Tsjechen naar het Cygnus. Zij logeren dan bij onze leerlingen en volgen een programma op school en in Amsterdam en omgeving.

Hieronder vind je dagverslagjes van leerlingen en foto's van dit uitwisselingsproject.


Pi, Isa, Casper en Ties over hun bezoek aan Praag op 13 september:
"Today we went to Prague. The journey took us two hours. At first we went to the castle, where one of the Czech people had to give a presentation. We were separated in four mixed groups of ten people.

segwayThen we entered the castle. In the castle, there were a lot of old buildings, among others a cathedral. Then, at the end of the castle, a lot of guards entered the area. After eating a bit we went downwards, to the city centre. There, Czechs held yet another presentation, about Charlesbridge. We crossed the river over this bridge. There was a great view over the river and city.

Then we walked through the city, to the old town square. There, the last presentation was held. Then we went shopping and wandering through the city in smaller groups, of Czechs and Dutchmen. In Prague were many toerists. Amerikan, Chinese, Japanese and European toerists. Also some Chinese brides posed for their weddingpictures. And at the street you saw some people, who tried to earn money from snakes (for 100 crowns you could get the python around your neck).

The students had to get to know eachother. Some people talked more and talked about their houses, family and other things. It was very hot, about 25 degrees. But the Czeck people are very nice and helpfull, they gave me much food (maybe too much?).

And the big difference with Amsterdam is that Czeck people have a big lunch and little dinner, and we have little lunch and a big diner."

sophiesteektinbrandOver maandag 14 september schreven Hermelijn, Annabelle, Maartje & Noa:

"Today we started early at Gymnazium Jihlava. First we had a small introduction program where they showed us their school. Then they had a small chemistry play, to explain the history of Jihlava and how chemistry works. They made green fire and a lot of foam. They also made some kind a firework.  After that we had a quiz about the history of Jihlava. Then we had a break and went to the shopping mall.

maasgietWhen we came back we had to go to the school canteen and a lot of people ate the most horrible food in the world. It was called: the Chicken Burger. After the most  terrible lunch ever we had a spectacular and educational GPS tour in Jihlava.

During the spectacular and educational GPS tour Ties dropped his Iphone 6, it was really bad al his glass was broken. After the tour a part of the group went lasergaming and the other ones had a program with their own student. Some of them were bowling before they went lasergaming and one went cheerleading.

After all of the projects at school, Annabelle, Hermelijn, Ties, I and our Czech people went bowling. It was really funny and at the end Ondre won, Annabelle was second and I was almost last. After that we were going to lasergam in some cool lasergame area, it was dutch against chez. The dutch people have won!"

Quinten, Anne, Sophie en Madelief over dinsdag 15 september:

waterbeestjes"We woke up early to go with the bus to hike to the caves. When we walked for half an hour, we arrived at the cave. The walk to the cave was like a fairy tale. We got a tour through the caves, it was really cold brrr.. It was enchanting because the walls were shining, we saw stalagtites and stalagmites, which was pretty amazing.                      

casperwaterIn the middle of the tour, we were in a really big hall with a small lake and high rocks (abyss). The lake was 13 metres deep. Then, the tourguide led us to the underground river in the cave, which was freezing cold and very impressive. Most people haven't seen thing like this in their life. Some parts in the river were even 50 metres deep!

Then we had a short hike to the viewing point to see the abyss. Some girl was stupid enough to sit on the edge of the viewing point. Then we walked to the bus and the bus brought us to the bungalow park in Jedovnice.

First we did a lot of research about the different kinds of water in the Czech Republic. It was really educating and we learnt how to get information about the water. Also we had a small biology project, which was really difficult. We had to name the plants English, Czech, Dutch and Latin.                            

After the experiments, most Dutch people took a swim with their Czech partners. It was really fun but freezing. After all the action, we had a camp fire where we all sang songs like Let her go from Passenger. Then we went to sleep."

Over woensdag 16 september schreven Karlijn, Wietske, Ian en Vera:
natuurschoon"Ahoy, this is the story about the fourth day of our trip to Czech Republic. Most people woke up around 7:15-8:00, but most of them were very tired since they stayed up until five in the morning. For breakfast there were breads, ham, cheese, cornflakes with milk, tomatoes and butter.  It was so much nicer than the food yesterday evening, because the food was a little slimy.

After the breakfast everyone had to clean up their bungalow, this bungalow was really big and we all had to sleep with our Czech partner and we had to clean them because they were full of grass. After we cleaned the big rooms we went to the bus, and from there we started walking towards the caves in the forest. This was about one hour walking through the beautiful environment of Czech Republic.

The caves are called Rudicke propadani . The caves were really nice; they were big, but there also were some small caves where you had to look out for your head so you wouldn’t get hit by rocks. There was a big cave with a underground river with a waterfall that is 90 metres high. When we went to the second cave there flew bats out of the small cave. You was also able to climb in the cave and see the bats sleeping.

At the end of the trip everybody became very hungry, so we went to the Coop supermarket to buy some food. Most people bought some breads, something to drink and of course chocolate and sweets. Then we went to the bus, where we are now, on our way to Jihlava. This evening some people will go laser gaming, and some people will go to an ice hockey match."

Saar, Storm en Daniël schreven over donderdag 17 september:

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Over de laatste dag, vrijdag 18 september, schreven Maas, Suzanne en Daan:
knustelmetvlaggenIn the morning we had to be at school at 8:30 to make the presentations about what we had done the whole week. We made eleven presentations about Prague, the Quiz, the Jedovnice camp etc. Then we had to craft boxes that something to do with water, and it was a competition to make most beautiful one. We also had to make a logo for the JAmES project. After that we went to the school canteen, which had disgusting food again.

After lunch we had a few hours of free time to pack your luggage and to prepare for the farewell party and presentations. The presentations were really funny because most of them had some pictures with funny faces, and someone did even take helium and he talked very funny. One of the Czech teachers did even arrange a surprise, we all were forced to sing Riptide and Let her go.

After the presentations we heard the results of who had the best presentation, who had te best box and who had the best logo. When the results were finished, there was a farewell party (with a lot of really nice food ;) ) and we played some music.

When we heard it was time to get your luggage we said goodbye to eachother and had some nice last moments. The Czech even waved to us while they were running to keep next to the bus.

We had a very, very nice week in the Czech Republic. We enjoyed it and thank you to everybody who made this exchange possible!


slang college

De Burcht van Praag.

Cygnianen genieten van Praagse folklore.


Voor de meeste leerlingen was het bij aankomst op 12 september even puzzelen wie hun Tsjechische partner was. Voor Maartje niet.

Nog veel meer foto's vind je via deze link.